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  • Standard Veneer Edgebanding

    Standard Veneer Edgebanding

    We offer our edgebanding in a wide range of different wood species, reconstituded veneer decors, backing options, surface treatments and gluing systems. All adjusted according to your production parameters.

  • Thick Veneer Edgebanding

    Thick Veneer Edgebanding

    The multi-layered construction with finger jointed middle layers ensures the greatest amount of flexibility. Our product line includes an extensive range of refinements through to finished surfaces. We supply thick veneer edgebanding as continuous rolls or thick veneer strips.

  • Wrapping & Softforming Veneers

    Wrapping & Softforming Veneers

    We use special backing enforcements and customized sanding to allow the processing of complicated profiles and the smallest radii. We also offer lacquer systems which are designed for the special requirements of the wrapping process.

  • Pre-finished Surfaces

    Pre-finished Surfaces

    Grounded or pre-finished edgebanding increases productivity and reduces the use of solvents. We offer a unique variety of finishing systems and are able to fulfil your individual colour and gloss level requirements. We hit the mark.

  • 3D-Textured Surfaces

    3D-Textured Surfaces

    Heitz developed a new range of real 3d-textured veneers that serve the growing demand for natural and palpable surfaces.

  • EXwood® - Paintable Thick Edgebanding

    EXwood® - Paintable Thick Edgebanding

    EXwood® is made from a special composite material, which is particularly suitable for edging high-quality lacquered components in premium furniture and interior solutions.

  • Cross Grain Edgebanding

    Cross Grain Edgebanding

    With their cross grain veneer structure, these products offer both architects and furniture designers attractive design options. The vertical structure accentuates and enhances the appearance of the edge