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Corona Virus Clause

Disruption or force majeure provision:
Just like any other company, we are affected by disruptions whose causes, effects and duration are beyond our responsibility and control, for example during the current coronavirus crisis. Such exceptional situations call for solidarity and fair conduct among business partners. In the event of any disruption in our company, we will inform you immediately, stating the circumstances, and enter into negotiations with you on all actions to be taken to eliminate the disruption or minimize its consequences to a mutually acceptable extent, while observing mutual contractual and legal obligations of loyalty and consideration. The same applies if neither you nor we can invoke a force majeure event in the event of such a disruption. The above naturally applies to you to the same extent should such a disruption affect the performance of your contractual obligations. The mutual negotiation obligations are part of the contract and constitute contractual obligations within the meaning of section 280 para. 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB). For the duration of the disruption and the negotiation of mutually acceptable corrective actions, delay and damage provisions shall not apply.