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3D-textured Edgebanding - natural, tactile, expressive

In addition to the established brushed look edgebanding Heitz developed a new range of real 3d-textured veneers that serve the growing demand for natural and palpable surfaces.

The relief-like structures expand the tactile experience of veneer surfaces remarkably. The different designs can be produced on all common wood species. We are not limited to custom veneer cuts or expensive processing technologies. Therefore we can offer a wide range of applications at a reasonable cost.

This special surface treatment is available for the entire range of products offered by Heitz:


This texture is similar to rustic solid wood beams and also matches well with all other sandblasted surfaces. Furthermore you can achieve stunning looks by combining the 'Sandblast' texture with our 'Rough Cut' or 'Wormhole'-Design.

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This texture simulates the look of timber worm affected solid wood. But other than the real affection by insects our 'Wormhole' design does not come with any technical disadvantage. In combination with the natural figure of the veneer you get a unique appearance.

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This design gives you the look of a rough, untreated surface that you typically get from band saws or reciprocating saws. Our 'Rough Cut' edgebanding can be used with all different rough cut veneers available on the market.

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With its special texture across the grain this design offers a very interesting contrast to the natural appearance of the veneer. It can also enhance the look of plain veneer species by adding depth and structure in an unexpected way.

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