Heitz Furnierkantenwek

Ecological responsibility


FSC® certified  

In times of climate change, trees and forests are exposed to special challenges. Wood is our primary material. Therefore sustainability and the responsible use of resources in raw material extraction, processing and manufacturing processes are paramount to us.

That is why we feel committed to the values of the FSC® - the Forest Stewardship Council®. This non-profit organisation created the first system for certification of sustainable forestry to ensure that the needs of today's generations can be met without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. Due to our ecological business policy, we are FSC®-certified and have therefore committed ourselves to refrain from any actions that harms the forest ecosystem. These include illegal felling, the trade in illegal wood or forest products, the conversion of forests into plantations or the introduction of genetically modified organisms.  

Nachhaltigkeit, Ökologische Verantwortung

FSC®-certificate, valid until 31.08.2028

Supply chain: Raw materials from reliable partners

When it comes to veneer edging made from real wood, the quality of the raw material is crucial. That is why we choose carefully - both when it comes to raw veneers as well as with the raw materials for further refinement. In terms of procurement, we rely on proven partners around the world who have the same quality standards and share the same ethical principles of responsibility.

Clean production, continuous quality

Thanks to the state-of-the-art production processes and technologies, we can guarantee consistent quality across all stages of production up to the finished product. By the way: the durability and robust longevity of a product also represent sustainability in practice.


Contribution to CO2 reduction: We meet all of our electrical energy needs with renewable hydroelectric power

In the course of a sustainable way of life, the use of renewable energies is an important factor. This saves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. That is why switching from fossil fuel sources to renewable energy sources is the right course for us.


Renewable electricity certificate

We operate climate neutral; with transparent CO2 offsets 

We have been meeting our electrical energy needs for several years with renewable hydroelectric power. The company has also operated in the most climate-friendly way possible, which is why comparatively low value of CO2e was incurred. These emissions were offset by the purchase and retiring of emission certificates by FutureCamp Climate GmbH.


FutureCamp Climate certificate