Heitz Furnierkantenwek

Thick veneer edging: multilayered, safe, flexible


We have been producing multilayered thick veneer edging in rolls since 1979. For this purpose, veneers are glued in several layers in high-performance presses, up to a thickness of 5 mm. The multilayer construction with finger-jointed middle layers ensures the highest possible flexibility. All of the continuous thick veneer edgings we produce are, without exception, glued with PVAc glue. This guarantees excellent properties in terms of flexibility and millability.

The standard surface finish saves time-consuming post-treatment during processing. The rough backside ensures the highest level of adherence and quality when gluing.

Our complete range includes thick veneer edgings with extensive finishing options - including finished surfaces according to individual customer specifications. We also have a wide range of standard wood types and dimensions available in stock.

Alternatively, we also offer thick veneer fixed sizes in lengths of up to 3,100 mm and thicknesses of up to 60 mm.

Whatever you need: We’ll meet your individual requirements.

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